Lenel OnGuard

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Lenel OnGuard


Native Integration Available

This integration requires a Class 3 License and a Device Server. Please contact your account manager for more details. Steps to configure your device can be found here.


Native Integrations: Supported Features

  • Alarms
  • Alarm Ack - Immedate Ack when Alarm is received into SureView
  • Door Pulse
  • Get Configuration
  • Sync

Native Integration: Requirements

License Requirements

You must have the following license attached to your OnGuard instance, you should obtain this through your LenelS2 representative:



Network Requirements





Device Server

Lenel OpenAccess Server

8080 TCP

Lenel Alarms and Integration actions (sync and relay control)


Native Integration: Device Setup

In Lenel

OpenAccess requires an internal OnGuard account. The OnGuard user account used by the integration must have at least the following permissions in OnGuard:

  1. System Permissions:
    1. Under "Access control hardware": "Query" on "Access Panels", "Readers", and "Alarm Panels"
    2. Under "Access control": "Query" on "Segments"
  2. Monitor Permissions:
    1. Under "Control": "Open doors"
    2. Under "Control": "Relay and reader outputs"



The items in OnGuard map to Sureview as follows (OnGuard -> Sureview):

  • Segment -> Area
  • Panel -> Device
  • Door/Output -> Relay/Output/Door
  • Alarm -> Alarm

To change these values please contact SureView Support for assistance


In SureView

Using the SureView Advanced Device Setup go to the Sync Tab and add "Lenel Onguard" as a new Sync System including the following fields

Host IP address or host of the OnGuard server hosting the OpenAccess service
Port The port the OpenAccess service is running on. default = 8080
Username The username of your OnGuard account
Password The password of your Onguard account
Extra value / Additional connection parameters

By default SureView only includes online panels when syncing. To include offline panels as well enter:



otherwise this field can be left blank.


Next click on the "Syncs" tab and add your "Sync Areas".

This is where you confgure eactly which panels or segments you want to sync and which SureView Areas to assign them to.

In the "Identifier" field enter your required sync identifier.  You can sync using one of the following identifiers depending on what you would prefer to syncronise on.

  • panelname=xxx
  • panelid=xxx
  • segementid=xxx
  • panelid=xxx
  • Leave Blank - Syncs all panels/segments


Native Integration: Troubleshooting

Why am I only seeing panels marked as "Is Online"?

By default, Sureview will only sync on Panels that are marked as online. It is possible to ignore this and bring all panels in regardles of being marked as online or offline by setting the Extra value / Additional connection parameters (located in the main SureView Device Seutp to ignoreofflinepanels=false

Can I stop SureView from automatically Acking Lenel Alarms?

At the moment whenever an alarm is recieved into SureView it will automatically ACK the alarm in Lenel - this is not currently configurable.


I can connect to Open Access and pull panel information, but I'm not receiving any alarms

Ensure that the following OnGuard services are running:

  • LS Communication Server
  • LS Event Context Provider
  • LS Web Event Bridge
  • LS Web Service
  • LS OpenAccess

If they are, and you're still not receiving events, confirm that event publishing is enabled by running the following query:


0 = Event publishing disabled

1 = Event publishing enabled

No Results = Event publishing enabled


Cannot connect to Open Access, receiving "request pool full" response

Open Access by default limits the number of requests it can handle in a queue to 32. The error response "request pool full" means we've already hit the limit of 32 and that Open Access cannot handle anymore requests. If this occurs, we can increase the request limit up to a maximum of 253, though a recommended increase would be to 128.

To increase the request pool limit, follow these steps:

  • Create a new .INI file in this location: C:\ProgramData\Lnl\
    • The name of the file should be: OpenAccess.ini
    • The content of the file should be as follows:
      • [http_request]
      • request_pool_size=128

It is recommended to increase the request_pool_size value to 128 in order to solve this issue. After
changing this setting, restart the LS OpenAccess service in order for the changes to take effect.


Unable to perform GetConfig/Sync

If when performing a GetConfig or Sync, you are receiving no information back and the worker logs contain the following error:

System.Net.WebException: Unable to connect to the remote server ---> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it IPADDRESS:PORT

This is because the SureView integration/Service server cannot reach the Lenel server. This can be:

  1. Firewall - Please ensure that the Lenel server is set to allow connections on that port
  2. Services not running
    • To ensure the port is open, on the Lenel server run netstat -anb in command prompt, there should be an entry in the list for your port (this means that there is an application listening on that port).
      • If there is not an entry in the list for your port - this means nothing is listening for the connection. Ensure the following Lenel services are running
        • LS Communication Server
        • LS Event Context Provider
        • LS Web Event Bridge
        • LS Web Service
        • LS OpenAccess

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