Schedule Video Tours


Allowing Video Tours to be scheduled for regular processing would improve SA over facilities and remove manual effort in executing video tours.

Current State: Video Tours can be executed manually by selecting that option on the Alarm Processing page, then selecting the Area, then selecting predefined cameras, then selecting the intended tour from the drop-down, then selecting Start Tour.

Desired State: Admins can set up a predefined tour as is done now, but can also select a specified interval for these tours to execute and, if needed, an associated action plan. When the intervals are hit, the tour appears in the Alarm Queue and when activated, the operator is taken directly to the predefined tour without needing to click anything else.

We are working around this limitation by automating SMTP alarms in a separate application which generate an AP which describes the process of activating a predefined tour to the Operator. This works in the meantime, but it requires maintenance of external automations, and even with the area and AP configured via the SMTP alarm, requires the Operator to navigate to the media matrix, select "Predefined Cameras," then the name of the tour in the drop-down, then "Start Tour." These steps add unnecessary complication and time to the act of executing the tour.

Ideally, this feature would also prevent the operator from selecting "End" on the Event Page until the predefined tour has been completed.




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