Cross-Functionality of Area and Role info in Action Plans


Looking at the Contacts page, there seems to be a good deal of functionality around tagging rows with Roles and Areas that they are relevant for. It would be very useful to see these tags translate to Action Planning to reduce the number of steps and the complexity of that page.

As an example, right now if I want an Action Plan to include site-specific details, I need to re-make it for each site. Using an action like this:

What type of response is required?

  • Site Security
  • Site Management
  • Fire
  • EMS
  • Police

I have to set triggered actions that go to the contact info for each of those local numbers, meaning I need to re-create the action for each site. It would be preferable to be able to utilize the Area and Role tags from the Contacts page to set the triggered action to display relevant information for that selection. For example, if they selected Site Security, it might look something like this:

"Contact Site Security at {Telephone=Role:Site Security;Area:AlarmArea}"

This way, each Action plan can be made once and can be used across all sites, and when there are changes to phone numbers or to staff, there's only one field that needs updated to keep the plans current instead of hunting for each instance of a number across all plans.

This post is long as it is so I won't keep diving in, but there are also process improvement use-cases for this functionality once it's deployed that I'm happy to to talk more about, such as automating emails to specific individuals for specific alarm types/locations; for example all access denied events generate an email to the individuals with the role of Investigations; all events in NYC generate emails to the role Security Lead tagged with that Area, etc.




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