API - Add "IsMapped" field for device response and API call filter

I want to query the API to look up if a device is mapped or not. I'd also like this to be a filter option in the query. Currently, I have to make multiple calls and compare responses to figure out which devices are or are not mapped.

Example call below:

Return all cameras with IDF in the device name and are not mapped


Example Response:

        "deviceID": 1234,
        "serverID": 1001,
        "deviceTypeID": 1,
        "input1": 132123,
        "input2": -1,
        "title": "Building A - IDF Room",
        "groupID": 11123,
        "settingsMeta": "<Camera><Qual>Lowest</Qual><TelemServerID>-1</TelemServerID><TelemSpeed>Default</TelemSpeed><TelemQual>Default</TelemQual><Presets /></Camera>",
        "settings": null,
        "comment": "",
        "orderNum": null,
        "extraValue": "0b000000-0000-babe-0000-macadd123456",
        "groupSyncId": 3,
        "hasPtz": false,
        "quality": null,
        "speed": null,
        "relayType": null,
        "auditServiceEndpoint": null,
        "deviceServerEndpoint": null,
        "deviceServiceSession": null,
        "eventRecordID": null,
        "timeZone": null,
        "liveVideoDelay": null,
        "presets": null
        "IsMapped": False





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  • Would also like this to apply for getting devices by an Area GroupID

    Eg. Get devices for Area GroupID, filter for device type,  filter for device title, filter for IsMapped


    E.g. Get group 19212, cameras, device title contains IDF, Is not mapped




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