Assets: Overview

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Asset Overview

An asset is any entity that you want to track or show on the map, specifically that you want to interact with as part of Field Operations. An asset can be anything i.e. a Car, VIP, Field operative, stationary location, etc.


The primary interface for this is the Asset Setup - accessed via the Menu link in the top right corner of the screen).



Adding Assets Types

The first step of creating Assets is to create the Asset Types that you want to track. These are the categories of Assets so that users have the context for the asset beyond just its name. 


To create a new asset type:

  1. Select the Asset Types Tab
  2. Select "Add Asset Types"
  3. Provide a "Title" for the asset type - i.e Officer - Mobile, Delivery Van, Patrol are just a few common types
    1. Select a color for the asset icons. This help distinguish one type of asset from another
    2. Mobile User - this distinguishes this asset as using the Mobile app -tracking their location in real-time on the map
    3. Visible on the map - check this to show on all maps
    4. Event shareable - allow alarm events in Response to be shared with this asset 



Adding Assets

Once you have created the types of Assets you want to track now you can add the individual assets to your account. This could be people, vehicles, or whatever is important to track for you. Mobile App users do NOT need to be entered here - only assets that do not have a user profile.

Assets -.jpg


To create a new Asset

  1. Select the "Standalone Assets" tab
  2. Select "Add Asset"
  3. Provide a "Title" for the Asset 
  4. Select an "Asset Type" - this will pull a list of categories created in the step above
  5. Select the Area that this asset is associated with
  6. Optionally you can select an override color for the icon (this will use this color instead of the one set for the Category Type)


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