Mobile Raise: Setup

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Mobile Raise: Setup

The Mobile Raise setup allows SureView administrators to create a customized set of alarm types that are unique to their mobile teams.

To access the Mobile Raise Setup select the main menu and choose "Mobile Raise"


Create a Mobile Raise Template

A Mobile Raise template is used to create a customer group of alarms. This can be used for instance to create a group of alarms for officers and guards and a different group of alarms for lobby attendants.

  1. Select "Add a template"
  2. Give your template a title
  3. Select the user groups you want to associate with this template. You can select one or multiple groups.
  4. Select the alarm types to add to your template - click the "Raise Types Associated with" link
  5. Select the alarm types from the list
    1. Select the box in the column "Add to template" to add to the list
    2. If u want to change the icon associated with the alarm type the link "Use default" and then select an icon from the list
    3. If you select the Auto share user option this will automatically share the event raised by the mobile user to include themselves.





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