Alarm Decoder

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Alarm Decoder

The Alarm Decoder is an advanced option which allows administrators to create and customer Regular Expression decoders for alarm text matching and decoding.

Rather than basic email alarms that use unique email address for each individual alarm point, an Alarm Decoder uses a single email address for all the email alarms and then matches on a customisable "Response Code"




As this is an advanced section SureView recommends you first talk to SureView Support before making changes on this screen.

You must have experience with Regular Expressions before attempting to add or change an existing decoder.


Alarm Decoder Fields


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Field Description
The name for this decoder
Response Regex

The Regular Expression used to match the "Response Code". The Response Code is the unique identifier used to match an alarm into an individual alarm point. The matching group is (<rc>text)



Would match a unique response code in text such as

SureViewResponseCode: code1234

Event Regex

The Regular Expression used to match the "Event Type". The Event Type Code is the unique identifier used to match a type of alarm such as a Motion Detected or Door Forced Open. The matching group is (<ec>text)



Would match a unique event type code in text such as

SureViewEventTypeCode: DFO


Default Area

This is the area that will be used if an alarm fails to match to a specific alarm point using the Regular Expressions you have entered.

This is often set to the top level or account level area/site of your tree

Default Action Plan

This is the default action plan used for alarms that associate with this decoder (this can be overridden at the individual alarm point level)

Default Grouping

Select your preferred Default Grouping
Recommended "By Area"

Default Priority

Enter your preferred default priority
Recommended: 100


Events (Event Types)

The Events section allows you to define the type of events that this decoder will recieve. Such as Motion Detected or Door Forced Open

Click "Add Event Type" and enter the

  • Event Type Name
    This will be shown to the operator when the alarm is received
  • Event Code
    This matches against the "Event Regex" defined in the decoder
  • Default Priority
    The default priority for this type of Event.
  • Default Grouping
    The default alarm grouping for this type of event


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