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The Sync Tab in Device Setup (advanced) allows users to configure devices that support automatic system synchronisation.


Sync allows administrators to create connections to 3rd party systems that can be used to pull in device configuration information, and continually update that information when changed within the 3rd party system.


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When adding a Sync with the "Add Sync" button or editing an existing Sync System there are two main configuration pages/tabs


Sync Configuration
Sync Configuration link to the 3rd party system that we are going to synchronise against. This could be the VMS or Access Control Server.

This screen you will add the details of your system including

  • Title
    The Friendly name of the 3rd party system

  • Type
    The Type of integration for this system (selected with a drop down)

  • Host
    The IP address / Host address of the 3rd party system

  • Port
    The port number used to connect.

  • Username / Password
    The Authentication Details

  • OpsLink
    The OpsLink or OpsLink+ that has been deployed to your infrastructure


The Individual Syncs are the individual entries of the sync configuration. This is where you define what individual group/collection/area of peripherals/devices to synchronise to a SureView Area. You can use this to synchronise all the cameras to a single area within SureView or to split them up into logical groups (e.g. 1st floor cameras, 2nd floor cameras etc)


When Adding or Editing individual Syncs you have the following configurable options

  • Title
    The friendly name for this sync
  • Area
    The area the synced information will be added to.
  • Identifier
     One or more parameters informing the sync system of the data it should bring in.
    Note: Leaving this blank will normally bring in all synced items.
  • Interval
    How often to resync (default 24 hours)
  • Enabled
    Enable or Disable automatic syncing
  • Allow update Area
    For Area Sync systems this will allow the system to synchronise individual areas (sites)
  • Allow update Device Settings
    Allows the sync to automatically update individual settings such as default quality or PTZ settings. This is off by default
  • Mask New Alarm Points
    This feature allows admins to configure "Sync" so that any new Alarm points being added to SureView are Masked by default. Alarm points will then remain masked until they are manually Armed. (This option is off by default)

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