Activity Log

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Activity Log

The Activity Log interface is designed to replace the command center run-book. It allows your staff to track all the comings and goings, all the events of the day, in a simple log book that can be shared across your organization.

Quick Overview Video (~45 sec)

The primary interface for this is the Activity Log Management Screen (accessed via the Menu link in the top right corner of the screen).

Activity log - menu.jpg

Adding a New Entry

  1. Select "Add New Activity Log" button
  2. A new line will open up and allow the user to add an entry
    1. By default the Start time will be the current time - this can be edited if required 
    2. Optionally the user can add an end time for the event
    3. They can also select a category that helps provide context on the type of activity as well as assist with filtering and searching notes in the future
    4. Add free-form text describing the activity 


Activity Log Entries

Entries to the activity log are ordered from newest to oldest.

By default, the view will display the last 5 days of activities.

By default, Activities are displayed in their summary view. The columns shown in this view include:

  • Start time
  • End time
  • Area
  • Category 
  • Note

For more details, the user can toggle to show greater detail by clicking on the "Show Detail Screen" button.


The columns shown in this view include:

  • event Id 
  • Date logged 
  • Start 
  • End
  • Area
  • Category 
  • Notes

The font size of the entries can be a toggle in the bottom right hand corner of the interface  


Live Data

By default, the "Live Data On" toggle is set to On which as new entries are added to the log by any users in the team they will be automatically added to the running list.


Turn this toggle to the "off" position in order to change the date and time of the log - this is helpful when searching. 


To change the date and time of the log simply click on the date and this will open a window to change the date/time

Selecting the "Advanced Search" option allows the user to define a more gradual strat date and time for the search 


Adding an Activity from the Alarm Screen

Operators who are using the SureView Alarm Queue can also save Activity Logs quickly and easily without having to navigate to another screen.  They can make quick logs/notes about anything that's going on in the SOC or anywhere else that's being monitored.

Click the Activity Log  mceclip0__1_.png button in the top right corner of the screen. This will open the Activity Log entry window.


Here you can choose the

  • Start Time
  • End Time
    Note: If you select an End Time  that is prior to the Start Time, it will be assumed the End Time is for the following day.
  • Area / Location (Required)
  • Category

Once you've done this, enter the Notes for the Activity Log. When you've finished press OK. The Log will be saved and you'll be returned to the Alarm Queue.

To enable Activity Log, you must have the feature enabled in the Feature Selection. You must also create a User Role and User Group and have assigned the Group to the Users. For more information on how to do this, see Permission Set Up.

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