Video Tours

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Video Tours

Video Tours is a feature that allows you to configure a predefined set of cameras for Operators to view when while processing events within Media Matrix





Button Function
mceclip3.png Add a new Video Tour to the list
mceclip4.png View the Tour Steps of an existing Video Tour
mceclip6.png Edit an existing Tour
mceclip7.png Delete an existing Tour
Deleting a Tour is permanent and cannot be undone.



Adding the Tour



Main Section

The main / top section of the Tour Setup allows you to configure the base settings of this Tour



Field Description

The Name of the Tour. This is what Operators can use to select the Tour in Media Matrix
Area to Tour

The Area that this Tour will be available for
Default Matrix The default grid size of the Media Matrix when using this Tour


Device Search / Camera Selection Section


This section allows you to select the cameras that you want included in the Tour


Field Description
Area Pick the Area of the cameras you want to ad
Devices: Pick the individual Cameras you want to add to the tour
Select All Devices Button to automatically add all cameras of the selected Area to the Tour


Step Configuration Section

This section allows you to customise the individual Tour Steps and adjust the ordering as required.

Duration selected


Confirmation selected



Field Description
Duration Select "Duration" if you want the Tour steps to run automatically based on the number of seconds viewed
Confirmation Select "Confirmation" if you want Operators to click to confirm each step before moving on to the next camera
Selected Camera
The Camera for this particular step
Order The order number the camera will appear in the Tour
(Drag individual rows to reorder)
Comment Additional message that is shown to the Operator during the tour
Duration How long this camera needs to be viewed (in seconds) before automatically moving on to the next step of the tour
(If "Duration" is selected)
Confirmation step Indicates that the step will only be completed when the Operator clicks to confirm
(If "Confirmation" is selected)
Preset Step

This selects the PTZ Preset Number that the camera automatically focus on during this Step

This option only has functions with compatible PTZ Cameras when using the appropriate Native Camera Integration.  It does not have a function when used against the Universal "RTSP" Camera Integration and can be left as "0"

mceclip6.png Delete the Tour Step


Operator View

Operators can select the required Video Tour using the side bar in Media Matrix



Area Cameras
Tour through all cameras of an Area

Nearby Cameras
Tour through all cameras near the location of the alarm trigger

Predefined Cameras
Operators can select one of the predefined Tours that was configured in the Tour Setup


Once a Tour has been selected and "Begin Tour" clicked, the Media Matrix will automatically cycle through the required camera, highlighting one camera at a time using a green border


If the Tour is set to Duration


If the Tour is set to Confirmation



mceclip12.png End the Tour
mceclip13.png Pause the Tour on the current camera

Record a problem with the current tour camera
This can be used to indicate the camera has a connection problem or something is blocking the camera view. If the Operator clicks this they will be asked to enter a comment to explain the issue.



If the Tour is set to "Confirmation" mode - This button allows the Operator to Confirm the current camera and move to the next step


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