Map Setup

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Map Setup


Map Setup allows administrators to plot and map out buildings across one or more floors. Any devices that exist within the SureView system can be plotted on the map for use within events.

Accessing Map Setup

To access Map Setup, navigate to the menu in the upper right and click on the following button:


Creating A Map Layer

Map Setup will open on the global view. To begin mapping your buildings, search for your area using the tree on the left hand side of the screen.



Once you've selected your area, click the "ADD LAYER" button.



This will show the layer editing modal on the right hand side of the screen. Here you can set your layer name, add your floorplan and specify it's elevation.




While the layer editing modal is visible, you are able to draw the outline of your layer onto the map, resize, rotate, and reposition the outline.

Plotting Map Items

Once a layer has been selected, items can be plotted on a map using the top toolstrip. Simply click the type of item you wish to plot, then the location on the map where the item should be added. Shortcuts are also available.


 Upon placing a new marker the Map Item details modal will appear allowing you to select a linked device for this map item, any map layers that this map item is linked to and the elevation of this map item. In the bottom left of the map item details modal the current layer name is displayed along with the coordinates of the map item. 



Viewing existing Map Layers

To view or update an existing Map layer, select the area that your Map Layer belongs to from the tree search in the panel on the left. Once the area has been selected a list of map layers belonging to the selected area will be shown.


  • The Eye Icon will toggle whether a Map Layers floor plan and Map Items are visible on the map.
  • Clicking a Map Layers name will toggle showing that layers Map Items in the list.
  • The highlighted blue number indicates the number of child items the Area or Map Layer has.
  • The pencil icon allows you to edit that specific Map Layer

Editing a Map Layer

To edit an existing Map Layer click the edit icon for the Map Layer you wish to edit.


This will show the layer editing modal on the right hand side of the screen allowing you to update the Map Layers Title, Floor Plan and Elevation.



Along with this you being able to resize, rotate and reposition the floor plan within the map using the handles


  • Hold Click and drag inside the handles to move the Map Layer.
  • Hold Click and drag the corner dots to resize the Map Layer.
  • Hold Click and drag the large white dot (right at 0 rotation) to rotate the Map Layer.

Should you wish to delete a Map Layer, click the red delete button in the layer editing modal. This will open a confirmation dialog asking you to confirm the deletion of the Map Layer. Note: This will also  delete all Map Items for this Map Layer that are not linked to another Map Layer.



Viewing existing Map Items

To view an existing Map Item navigate to the selected Map Layer. Now expand the Map Layer to show its Map Items by clicking its name. Select the desired Map Item from the expanded list by clicking on either the Map Items name or the edit icon.

Alternatively you may select the Map Item by clicking its marker on the map (ensure the map layer is set to visible).


Once a Map Item has been selected Map Item details modal will appear above the Map Items position allowing you to view the selected Map Items details.



Editing Map Items

 To edit a Map Item view the Map Item as normal and click the edit button in the bottom right corner of the Map Item details modal. This will allow you to update the linked device, linked layer and elevation of the Map Item.


Deleting Map Items

If you wish to delete the Map Item instead click the red delete button in the bottom right corner. This will open a confirmation dialog asking you to confirm the deletion of the Map Item.


Moving Map Items

To Move a Map Items position select the Map Layer as normal however to do not select a Map Item to view its details. Instead click and drag the selected Map Item Marker to the desired position.

Once a Map Item marker has been moved a confirmation will appear in the top right corner to confirm the changes you have made to the position of the Map Item Markers.


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