Notes or similar section in Contact details

It would be beneficial to have a Notes section or to allow a user-configurable field addition to the contact details on the Contacts page.

A few use-cases:

  • For on-site staff who are only present during business hours, or where there are special considerations, a notes section would be a great place to store this info for Operators
  • A user-configurable field that allows the admin to set the title to Duress Alarm Password would be great so Operators can flip to the contact page to see that info (or hopefully one day have it integrated into action plans directly) so they don't have to leave SureView for it during a fast-paced duress alarm response.
  • For people with more than one contact number, such as a desk and mobile phone, a user-configurable field to add additional phone numbers would help the operator find them if they don't answer right away.

Obviously the last two examples could fit just as well in a notes section, which is probably an easier lift, but allowing Admins to generate more fields to match needs and maintain consistency would be ideal.




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