Area: Bulk Upload

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Area: Bulk Upload

The Bulk upload feature allows users to upload from a spreadsheet a large group of Areas. This can save a lot of time and is helpful when you already have your Areas well defined and adding these to a spreadsheet is a simple task.


Steps to bulk upload. 

  1. Select the "BULK ADD" button

  2.  Select "Download Template CSV"

  3. Open the CSV in Excel (or a compatible spreadsheet program). You will need to add your Area details to the applicable columns - see the table below.

    Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 2.12.42 PM.jpg

  4. Once you have updated your .csv file - save it and then select "Upload completed CSV file". This will automatically add Areas for every row that you have added to the spreadsheet

    Area Fields
    Field Description
    Title (Required) The Name of the Area - This is what will be shown to Operators and be included in Report information.  It's what all users will use when searching for this particular Area
    Reference ID (Optional) This is a free field that can be used for your own internal IDs or Codes to represent the Area. This ID is then shown in the relevant reports along with the Area Title
    Address (Required) The Physical Address of the area - Ideally this address should be compatible with Google Maps
    Telephone (Optional)

    The primary telephone number for the Area

    Alt. Telephone (Optional)

    The alternative telephone number for the Area

    Telephone Fire (Optional)

    The phone number that should be called in the event of a Fire

    Telephone Police (Optional)

    The phone number that should be called to contact the local Police

    Time Zone (Required)

    The Local Time zone of the Area.

    Parent Area (Required)

    When creating Areas, you must select a Parent first; your selected Area becomes a sub-Area of it.  Your Global or Tenancy Area is the first option, followed by any Parent Areas you have created. All Areas created in the system can be selected as a Parent allowing you to build your system with as much simplicity or detail as you need.


    In the Structure example at the top of the page Cardiff Castle has the Parent Area of "UK Region" which in turn has the Parent Area of "SureView Demo"


    SureView Demo (UK Region's Parent Area)

    --------UK Region (Cardiff Castle's Parent Area)

    ---------------- Cardiff Castle

    Summary (Optional)

    Any additional notes or information needed such as security, alarm companies, or hours of operation

    Latitude and Longitude (Required)

    The exact coordinates of the Area/Location.  e.g. 27.947531, -82.458132

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