Accessing Records/Cases

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Accessing Records/Cases

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Once your Record or Case is created, you may continue adding details by selecting the Records icon from the left menu bar.


This page provides an overview of all Records and Cases you have created or are authorized to access.  


When you first view the page, the filters are set to All Fields.  You can filter the results by clicking the available fields in the list shown.



In this view, all cases are shown based on the available Fields that have been created in Settings.  When you first view the page, the filters are set to All Fields, simply click on the field to change the results in the right panel.




Selecting a Record/Case to View/Edit

In the list of available Cases in the right panel, left-click on the Case you'd like to view/edit. Shift-clicking on the row will open the Case in a new window.



When you've selected the Case you'd like to view, you'll see a page with all available options.  You can make modifications directly from here.  

Please note, there is no Save button.  Any changes you make will be instantly saved and the timeline will be updated with the changes you have made.


For further details on what all the available options are, please visit this page.  Please note that you will only see options that have been configured in settings. 

If you feel there is a need for additional options, please consult with your Cases administrator.


Promoting a Record to a Case

Clicking on Promote to Case will save any changes and assign a Case number. mceclip6.png

*The decision to promote a record to a case will be based on Standard Operating Procedures defined by your organization.


Marking a Record/Case as Sensitive

Selecting this option will mark a Record/Case as containing sensitive information.  When this option is selected, only the specific people added to the Record/Case will have access to it.




Closing a Record/Case

Depending on whether you are viewing a Case or a Record, you'll see different buttons. Choosing Close Record will set the status as closed, and you'll be returned to the main Record/Cases view.

If you are viewing a case you will only see the Close Case button.  



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