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About Notifications

Under certain conditions, Notifications are triggered and sent to users.

The current notification types are:

  • User assigned to a Record / Case
  • Record / Case, to which the User is assigned, has been updated

Display Notifications

When a notification is received, the Notifications counter (bell icon on the top right on the navigation bar) will update to display if there are any new notifications. You'll also see a count in the red bubble of how many outstanding notifications are waiting.

Clicking the notification bell icon will open a list of all existing Notifications.


Notification Ordering

Notifications are ordered in descending date/time order so that the latest notifications are always at the top. Each notification will also display how old that particular notification is.

Browser Notifications

Browser notifications can be enabled by clicking the 'Notifications' button on the top right of the navigation bar. The browser will then ask for permission to display notifications from Cases.


Selecting Notifications

A notification can be selected from the open Notification list or by clicking the browser notification. Depending on the notification type, when the notification is clicked an associated action will be performed. Selected/clicked notifications are removed from the notification list.

For example, if a Record/Case has been updated and the notification is selected, Cases will automatically navigate to the page of the Record/Case that has been updated.

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