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What are Dashboards?

The SureView Cases Dashboard is customizable and configured to show the most relevant information to your operation. In the picture below, you can see metrics such as SLA Breaches by type, and by Area.

This screen is intended to provide a snapshot of real-time data, highlighting key information.



If no Dashboards have been configured, you'll see the following notice.  Click Create Dashboard to create a new, blank, Dashboard.



When viewing a Dashboard, the dropdown list provides a list of configured Dashboards.  Use this to switch between each Dashboard.  The Edit button will pull up the editing options, and the Create Dashboard or New Dashboard button will, of course, allow you to create a new Dashboard.




Creating a new Dashboard

When you've clicked on either New Dashboard or Create Dashboard, you'll see a blank panel with some new options at the top of the page.  Give your Dashboard a name, and select the Dashboard's availability which can be Public, Teams, or Private.  



The Dashboard Tiles

There are three types of tiles you can add to a dashboard; these are Insight, View and Team.

The Insight, View, & Team buttons open up the editing grid which allows you to select an area on the grid to drop your tile.



When you've chosen where you'd like the tile to appear, click the left button to select it.  You'll then see the blue box change into something that looks like the following image.  You'll immediately get a couple of options to either delete (top right) from the selected position or to resize (bottom right). 



To resize the tile, click and drag the bottom right icon out to where you'd like the tile to end, as shown here.  You can also drag the tile around the dashboard until it's where you want it.  When you have positioned it, click Save.  This will automatically save the tile position and Dashboard.





When adding an Insight tile, you'll see familiar, but smaller options to the main Insights pages.  Please refer to the Insights help page for further information.



This gives you a list of available Records/Cases 



This will show a list of all Users in the chosen team



The dashboard tile allows you to place a button / link directly on your current dashboard that will link to another dashboard and view it when clicked.




This tile allows you to add an image to a dashboard.  The image must already be hosted on the internet and you just need to enter the location of the image to display it.


mceclip3.png mceclip2.png





The label tile allows you to place any type of text on your dashboard.  You are able to change the size of the text so this is ideal to display headings as well as paragraphs of text.


mceclip4.png mceclip6.pngmceclip5.png



Top Result

Shows the highest result based on "Order By"

Top value tile.jpg

  • Select an insight.
  • Select an “Order By” for the results.
  • Select the columns to show.  You can choose all the columns and calculations from the selected insight.
  • Save the dashboard and the tile will show the result from the insight that has the highest value of the Order By property.

Top result tile setup.jpg


Modifying the Dashboard

On the dashboard page, click on the Edit button to enable edit mode.  Each tile will have its own set of configurable options which you can use to customize the data you want to show.



When you are happy with your choices, click the Save button again.


Deleting a Dashboard

You can delete the Dashboard currently selected by clicking the Delete button.


Once clicked, a pop-up will appear asking you to type in the Dashboard name to confirm you are sure you want to delete it.  Please be aware that deleting a Dashboard cannot be undone.



Dashboards can be set as accessible in three ways

  • Public - This is available to anyone in the tenant
  • Limited to teams - This allows a list of teams to be selected; anyone in these teams can see the dashboard
  • Private - This is only available to the person who created the dashboard.

Only users in groups that have "Can Edit Data" are able to create or edit dashboards.









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