Managing Users

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Managing Users

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To access the Users tab, select the people icon image31.png from the left menu bar. Here you’re able to create & edit your users and teams, as well as search through existing ones. Using the search bar in the upper centre, you can search for any user by their name, email, or team. 




Creating a new User

Creating a new user can be done by clicking the “Create New User” button in the upper right corner of the page.   




You'll then see a pop-up window with the following information.  The user's name and email address are compulsory.  You can also enter the team they are associated with.  A user can be assigned to multiple teams as shown in the image below.



If you want to include a picture of the user, you can do this by supplying either an internal or external link to the image. 

When you have finished entering all the details, click Save to create the user.  The user will receive an email with login details so it's important to make sure the email address is correct as this cannot be changed later.


Modifying & Removing a User

To edit an existing user, simply click on their name from the user list and a popup will appear presenting editable forms containing their information. 

From here, you can change the users NameTeam, & Picture.  Please note, the email address cannot be modified as this has dependencies to the account.  If an email address has changed, you can simply delete the account or create a new account. A new login email will be sent to the user if a new account is created for them. 






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