Managing Teams

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Managing Teams

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Managing Teams

Teams can be thought of as a set of permissions in the Cases system. By default, the Administrator team will be included with your account. These are the individuals who create templates, objects, and fields, and who typically have access to all information. Another team could be created for your operation’s “Investigators”, for instance, to give these individuals the access needed to handle less critical incidents. 


Clicking on the available Teams will show associated users in the panel on the right



Creating a new Team

Click the Create Team to see the available options



You'll then be presented with a pop-up to enter the required details.  Only the team Title is required at the time of creation.  You can update these options at any time.

Default Dashboard: Choose the default dashboard presented to users of this team.

Edit Data: Allows members of this team to manage and modify cases settings.

Edit Users: Allows members of this team to manager and modify users.




Modifying and Removing a Team

You can edit a Teams options, by clicking the edit icon next to the Team name on the page after selecting any of the available teams on the left.  You'll then get a pop-up with options to change the Teams details.  Once you have made the changes, click the Save button or Cancel to Quit.  If the team is no longer required, click the Delete button to remove it.




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