Object Definitions

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Object Definitions

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What are Object Definitions

Object Definitions are a set of Fields grouped together to create an entity. For example, a Vehicle Object could include fields for make, model and color. This allows you to add all these Fields to a Record in a single item or list, rather than adding the individual Fields each time. 

Creating Object Definitions

To create an Object Definition, navigate to the settings tab and select Object Definitions. Clicking “Create New Definition” will show a popup with the following options:


  • Title - Title of the Object Definition
  • Description - A brief description of the use of the Object Definition
  • Inherited From - Use this to pull Fields from other objects in the system. Any changes made to the parent entity will also be applied to the Object Definition
  • Inherited From - Use this to pull Fields from other objects in the system. Any changes made to the parent entity will also be applied to the current Object Definition
  • Title Format - The format indicates how each item will appear and is also used for searching when no Field is specified. See below for more details.

Editing /  Deleting Object Definitions

To Edit or Delete an Object Definition first select the Object Definition from the table,  and you will see the following popup:


Editing Object Definitions

To edit an Object Definition make any desired changes and click the "Save" button in the bottom right to apply.

Deleting Object Definitions

To delete an Object Definition click on the "Delete" button in the bottom left. This will open a confirmation dialog, asking you to enter the Definition's title to verify that the correct one will be deleted. Once the title has been entered, click "Delete" in the bottom right.

If the Object Definition is currently in use by any Fields then you will be warned about what is currently using it and how that will be affected by the definitions deletion. However, If the Object Definition is currently being used as the Item Type for a Data Source then you will be unable to delete it. 

Important:  Deleting an Object Definition will NOT affect existing Cases, but future Cases will be changed.


Creating a Title Format

In order to use the Title Format you must first add a section, and then add Fields to that section. This allows you to build a Title Format using those Fields. Here's an example:


Clicking on the Field buttons below the Title Format box allows you to add them to the title. The form also allows placeholder text, such as the parenthesis above. Once the appropriate Fields are included, click Save and your definition will be added to the list.



All fields in an Object Definition need to be contained inside a section. You can have as many or as few sections as you would like. 

Each section will show the following information about each field:


  • Title - Title of the Field
  • Data Type - What kind of data the Field stores
  • Data Source -  Indicates if this Field will be selected/populated from a predefined list, created in the data sources section
  • Allow Files - Will show a check mark here if the Field permits a file upload; such as images of damage to company property etc.
  • Required - Indicates if the Field needs to be completed to save the Record/Case.
  • Display in table - Shows the field when looking at the items in the Object Definition

Adding Fields

To add Fields to a section, click the “Add Fields” button . This will give you a list of all the Fields that have not already been added to the Object Definition. mceclip3.png

You can search for a Field or scroll through the list, then simply check off the Fields you want to add and click “Add” at the bottom of the list.(You may need to scroll the template window and the Fields list to see this.) 

It is also possible to quickly create new Fields by clicking the “Create New Field” button at the top of the list. To learn more about creating Fields, click here.

Editing Fields

Once a Field has been added to an Object Definition It is possible to edit these properties for each Field:

  • Required
  • Display in table

Once any desired changes have been made, click the "Save" button in the bottom right to apply.

Removing Fields

To remove a Field from an Object Definition click on the mceclip0.pngbutton on the far right side of the Field. This will instantly remove the Field, but the change won’t be applied until the "Save" button has been clicked to confirm.

Important:  Removing a Field will NOT remove it from existing Cases, but future Cases will no longer contain the Field.

Ordering Fields

To reorder fields in a section click and drag the mceclip1.png  icon and move the field to its desired location.

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