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What are Areas?

Your Areas define the set of locations where incidents may occur. Areas can be organized hierarchically, with one Area containing several sub-Areas, or simply as a flat list.

Creating Areas

To add a new base-level Area, click the “Create New” button in the upper right, this will show a popup with the following options:


  • Title - Title of the Area
  • Location- The location of the Area

To save your new Area, simply click “Save”.

Creating Sub-Areas

To add a sub-Area to an existing Area, simply click the 'Add Area To ...' button next to the Area name, and assign your sub-Area a title and location. 


Editing /  Deleting Areas

To Edit or Remove an Area first select it from the table, which will then show the following details of that Area.


Editing Areas

To edit an Area make any desired changes and click the "Save" button in the bottom right to apply.

Deleting Areas

To delete an Area click on the "Delete" button in the bottom left. This will open a confirmation dialog asking you to enter in the Area's title to verify that the correct one will be deleted. Once the title has been entered, click "Delete" in the bottom right to Delete

Important:  Deleting an Area will NOT affect existing Cases.

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