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What's New?

At SureView, we are dedicated to enhancing performance and user experience by continually adding new features and optimizing existing workflows. 

As new releases are made available a summary of these updates can be found below. If you have ideas for new features you'd like to see implemented into SureView Cases, don't hesitate to submit them to our team using the Feature Request Forum.

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Release 1 (2024) - 9th April 

New Features

Send Cases As An Email

In this release, we are excited to introduce the new feature that enables you to send cases directly via email. There may be instances where you need to share a case with users or external recipients for review or record purposes. With SureView Cases, this process is made simple. Follow the steps outlined in this article to send cases as an email.




Fixes & Improvements

  • Login: Adds the ability for cases to redirect to the correct location after login.
  • Service Now Fix: Fixes issues with multiple notes getting added for Service Now calls.
  • Numerical Fields: Fixes issues with input fields not accepting decimal points.
  • Fiscal Entries: Fixes issues with the Fiscal input adding .00 before a user can input any decimals.
  • Dashboard: Introduced functionality to improve the performance of Insights on the Dashboard.


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