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If you don't see the option to use the Send Email feature within Cases, please contact SureView Support to setup this feature.  

There will be occasions when a Case needs to be Sent as an email to either users or external recipients for review / record.  In SureView Cases, this is achieved by following the below steps:

Cases - Send Email

The Send Email option is available in the Case details page. Click on the Send Email option to launch the Send Email modal. Refer to below - 


Send Email Modal

The modal can be used to send case details as email to selected recipients. The title of the modal is "Notify".


Email Address

The option to add recipients the email. You can select the users from a look up list or type in the email address of the recipient in the Email Address field. Refer to below image.



You can add additional notes to the email. This is an optional field and can be left blank. The maximum length allowed is 5000 letters.


If the Note is more than 5000 letters then an error notification will be shown and the Send button will be disabled.


Include Attachments

The option enables you to include files uploaded to the case as attachment to the email.


State Description
On (default) When On, the files uploaded to the case will be sent as attachment to the email.
Off When Off, email will be sent without any attachments.


Click on the Send button to send the email and close the modal.


Click on the Close button to close the modal and without sending the email.

Confirmations, audit records, logging.

Each successfully sent email will have corresponding audit record logged.

How to create/edit existing templates

At the moment there is no UI for creating/editing email templates. 

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