Promoting your Record to a Case

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Promoting your Record to a Case

There will be occasions when a record needs to be escalated.  In SureView Cases, this is achieved by promoting your Record to a Case.

Let's do that now.  In the results of your new view, find Getting started basic record and click on it to see the record.  In the top right corner, you'll see the Promote To Case button.


That's it, there is nothing else to do.  Your record has now been promoted to a Case and will now be treated as a case.

The difference between a record and case is based around permissions.

 For example, your administrator may have configured a case to be seen by a certain group of users, and it will be that group which will now deal with the case.   If you are not in that escalation group, you will no longer see the newly promoted case.

Congratulations, you've learned how easy it is to create templates, records, views and you have also used learned how to add and use fields.  There are so many great features to expand the management of your records and cases further, regardless of how simple or complex the requirement is.

Please visit our user guide to discover many more features, including how to set-up your Dashboard and Insights.


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