Creating Fields

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Creating Fields

So you've got a basic template, but you now want to capture some other specific information. You can achieve this by adding fields to your template.

There are many field types to choose from, but for our example, let's add the following a Date, External Link and Number.

(For detailed information on all available field types, please click here)


Creating the Fields

Firstly, we need to go back into settings



Make sure Fields is selected in the left panel, then click "Create New Field" in the right corner.



Adding a Date Field

You get a popup and asked to enter some information.  Let's call our new date field Event Date and in the Data Type dropdown, choose Date from the list.


We won't allow any files to be uploaded for this field so leave that box blank.  We will also not worry about any specific permissions here either, and we'll allow anyone to be able to use this field.

When done, click the Save button.


Adding an External Link Field

Next, we'll do the same for Event External Link but this time, we'll choose External Link as the data type.  Again, we'll leave all the other option to their default values.



Adding a Number Field

Finally, let create another new Field and call it People Involved in Event.  In this field, we need to capture a number so choose Number from the Data Type drop down list.



Once you've created the fields, you can use these fields in any template.  This brings us onto the next step, adding the fields to a template.


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