Adding Fields to your Template

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Adding Fields to your Template

In the previous article, we looked at how to create fields.  Fields are used to capture specific information in a record or case, so next we'll add them to your template.

When in settings, click Templates.



This will show you all the existing templates you've created in Cases.  To modify a template, click anywhere on the row and the template options will appear.  Find Public Events, click it and when the options appear, we'll be focusing on the following:


Next, click on Fields.



This will then show you all the existing fields that are currently attached to the template.  As we are working on a brand new template with no fields, the only option that you'll see is Add Section.  Cases groups the fields into sections, which allows you to group specific fields together and helps positioning of the section for display when creating a record or case.


Next, click on Add Section.



Give our initial section the title First Section then click Add.



Once you've done that, the view will be expanded and you'll see some more options.  Clicking the Default dropdown, will show you the available positions for the section to be displayed in the record and case view.  For this example, please leave it at Default.



Now lets add our custom fields to the template.  Click on the Add Fields button.



You'll then see a popup showing all the available fields.  If this is the first time your company has used Cases, you'll find this list will only contain the three fields that you have setup in the previous step.  If your company has been using cases for a while, you'll need to find the fields you have just created in the list provided.


Find the Event Date, Event External Link People Involved in Event fields and put a tick in the box next to them.  After you have done that, click the Add button at the bottom of the list.




After you've clicked on Add, you'll get an updated section view with a list of the fields you've just added like in the following image:




There are some additional options that you can select here:

  • Required on Record (Specifies if this field is required for a Record)
  • Required on Case (Specifies if this field is required for a Case)
  • Default value mceclip14.png (Clicking this icon will pop-up options specific to the fields data type which allows you to provide a default value for each field.)

Once you have done the above, click Save.


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