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What are Rules?

Rules are a method used to automate functionality whenever a particular criteria is met for a Record or Case. This functionality can encompass automatically setting Field values, adding teams for collaboration, setting Fields to be required, triggering an HTTP request, sending an email, or adding a Field to a given Record/Case.


Creating Rules

To create a new Rule, navigate to the Rules tab on the settings page, and click the “Create New Rule” button in the top right. This will present the popup shown below:


The Rules popup with have the following options:

  • Title - Title of the Rule
  • Description - A brief description that describes the use of the template
  • Triggers / Rules - Refer to the section below for more information.

Editing/Deleting Rules

To Edit or Remove a Rule first select it from the table, which will then trigger the following popup:


Editing Rules

To edit a Rule make any desired changes and click the "Save" button in the bottom right to apply.

Deleting Rules

To delete a Rule click on the "Delete" button in the bottom left. This will then open a confirmation dialog asking you to enter  the Rule's title in order to verify that the correct one will be deleted. Finally, once the title has been entered click "Delete" in the bottom right.

Important:  Deleting an Rule will NOT affect existing Cases.


Rules are composed of two sections: Triggers and Actions. Triggers define the criteria needed to automatically execute a predefined functionality—called an Action. If multiple Triggers are defined, all of them must be met in order for the Action to be executed. Actions can be one of the following types:

  • Set Value- Sets the value of a Field to a specified value
  • Add Team- Adds a specified team to the current Record/Case
  • Set Field Required- Sets a Field to be required or not required
  • Send Email- Send an email to the specified address
  • Add Field- Adds a specified Field to the current Record/Case

Below you will see an example where we have created a Rule that adds a Field for the Police File Number—this would be used when the Investigator wants to note that the incident was reported to police. 


Start by creating a checkbox field called “Reported to Police?”, and another text-type field for “Police File Number”. On the trigger tab for this rule, shown above, add a Trigger to be set when the “Reported to Police” field is marked as True.

On the Actions tab of the rule, create an Action of the type “Add Field” and then specify the “Police File Number” field you created earlier. 


After saving this Rule, simply add the “Reported to Police” Field and the “Request Police File Number” Rule to any template where you want this functionality. These tools can be used to accomplish many different types of tasks, but the general concept will be identical. Determine what you wish to accomplish in terms of Triggers and their associated Actions, add the necessary Fields, create the Rule, and add it to the template of your choosing.

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