Creating a template

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Creating a template

Before you can create a record or case, you must tell the Cases how you want to record the information. This is done by creating templates.

To create a template, click on settings on the left of the page.


Next, select Templates from the side navigation, and then click on the "Create New Template" button to pop up the template creation options.


To create a very basic template to use with a record, the only requirement here is to provide a title. 

Over the next few pages, we'll give you some hands on exercises to do.  Before we can capture any information, we need to create the template.  

Give your template a title called Public Events.


Congratulations, that's it! You've just made your very first template and you are now able to start capturing records.

As you can see, getting started to make templates, which are the backbone of cases, is very easy to do in very few steps. 


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