Reorder Action Plan Categories

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The "Action/ReorderCategories" feature is a tool that lets you rearrange categories within your Action Plan, making the organization efficient.

When you activate this feature, head over to the "Actions" page to start rearranging your categories as needed. The reordered categories will seamlessly match their order in the Site Monitor when your Action Plan aligns with the Event Type of any raised events.

When this feature is disabled, your categories will revert to their default order in Actions and Site Monitor, keeping everything consistent.


To reorder Categories for an Action Plan (Script), the Request user will need the “Edit area configuration” permission on the Area that the Action Plan belongs to

Steps to Reorder Action Plan Categories:

  1. Contact your Sales Engineer to enable the Feature Flag for this Feature.
  2. Navigate to the Actions from the Menu.
  3. Select the Action Plan to reorder from the list on the right side of the Action Setup Page.
  4. After making the desired changes, reordered categories will appear in the configured order within the Event Processing Screen.

Demo of use:

Categories can be reordered on the "Actions" page.


The reordered categories will appear in the site monitor in the order they are moved to on the "Actions" page.
A Server Type Event will need to be created to match the Action Plan with a type of event
When an event of that Type is raised, they will appear in the reordered order.

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