User Setup

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User Setup

Authorized team members will be able to create and configure additional Users within the interface. Login to Suite and Click the User Setup icon on the left menu.

Important: Users are defined as individual named users. User logins are not licensed to be shared between different people. See FAQ


This takes you to the User Setup page. Click Add User and you will be presented with this box:

All User information (except passwords) can be viewed by anyone who has access to the Users section. By default, this is everyone with a valid login to your SureView Operations Account (it's set up like this because it's important that all operators can contact each other quickly). However, this can be customized in the Permission Setup


When a User is added they will automatically be sent a SureView Ops user invitation via Email where they will be prompted to enter a new password.


Field Description



This should be the User's individual, unique, email address. This will enable the user to login to SureView Ops so you shouldn't use a "shared" email account

Example Good! check-light.svg Bad! times-light.svg

Full Name


The User's full name. This is the name that will be shown to other Users during Event Sharing as well as the name used in the audit trail.

Asset Type


This is used to categories the user within the Field Ops Map Interface.

If the user does not need to be managed within Field Ops this field can be left blank

User Group


This is the "Permission Group" that the user belongs to.  By default, SureView Operations has two groups "Admin" and "Operator" (but these Can Be Customized). 


Note: If a user is not given any user groups they will not have any permissions on the SureView System and will not count against your User License Count. This can be used to disable a user without deleting them from the system.



This should be the User's primary Area. It is common practice to add Users to the top (Account) level.
Note: Area does not affect the User's Permissions or what areas they can access.  Permissions are entirely defined by the "User Group" that the User has been assigned.


The Physical address of the /user



This is the User's Telephone Number



This is the User's Cell / Mobile Phone Number

Available as Contact


f this User's contact details are associated with an Area, or multiple Areas, and need to be made quickly available to someone handling an alarm for that Area, then check the "Available As Contact" box. 

This will add a reference to this User in the Contacts Section where you will be able to customize their contact properties (such as contact role and linked Areas).



An Area Supervisor may be both a User (with a login to SureView) and a Contact for an Area (someone to call if there's an incident on site)

Requires Two Factor Authentication


If the User should be forced to use Two Factor Authentication (or MFA) when logging in


See the Two Factor Authentication supprot page for more details


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