Side Bar

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Side Bar

The menu on the right-hand-side allows you to control the media matrix. 



  • Event ID
    The Event ID is a unique reference code for the active event. This can be used to reference any specific event within the Event Search screen 

  • Clear
    This button will clear the entire media matrix of all cameras and alarm clips

  • Layout
    This allows you to set the Media Matrix Cell layout that best fits your screen, The options are: 1x2, 2x2, 2x3, 3x3, 4x3, 4x4

Video Tour


Video Tour will allow you to cycle through all of the cameras in your area, one page at a time. 



The Clips menu shows any attached alarm images (JPGs, MP4 etc) that came with the email alarm. You can click on any clip in this list and drop it into a Media Matrix cell of your choice.



The Clip Side bar includes the Alarm details to make it easy to quickly see which alarms each clip is associated with.

This also includes the DateTime of the alarm shown in both "My Time" (the timezone of the operator) and "Area Time" (the timezone of the area)



The Cameras list is split into three components:  Search, Matrix Cameras, and your current area cameras (e.g. "Hawthorne House").



Search will allow you to find any camera from any area by searching for the Camera name. Once you've found the camera you want, click on it to drop it into the Media Matrix.



Matrix Cameras

This will show all the live Cameras that are currently being displayed in the Media Matrix along with a Cell Position Icon to help you identify their location.




Current Area (e.g. "Hawthorne House)

The Current Area list shows all the cameras that are part of the Area the operator has opened (in this case "Hawthorne House"). 

Any cameras that are already being shown in the Media Matrix will be highlighted in Blue. If the camera isn't highlighted that means it isn't being displayed right now. 




The Areas menu lets you navigate through all the different Areas of your system and find any cameras you might need even if they aren't part of the Area you're currently in.




The Audio section allows you to select an audio device to Transmit or Receive audio from (depending on the individual devices options and compatibility).

Expand the "Area Devices" to see all audio devices for the given area then click on the device you want to use.

Once selected the top section of "Audio" will display large buttons for Receive and/or Transmit. Click on one of the buttons to start, then click again to stop.

Note: The browser may ask for permission to access your microphone. To transmit you will need to grant the permissions.

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