Camera Grid

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Camera Grid

Media Matrix - Auto Populate

When the Media Matrix is loaded for the first time in an event the video cells will automatically populate  in the following priority order

  1. Alarm Clips
    Any clips (with a red border) will automatically fill the available cells. If there are more clips than there are available cells then you can use the side bar to manually drop in different clips

  2. Linked Cameras
    If the alarm(s) have been manually linked to particular cameras (in Alarm Setup) these cameras will appear first (e.g. a door alarm may have two cameras linked with views to both side of the door)

  3. Nearby Cameras
    Any cameras that have been plotted on the map and are close to the location of the alarm will be populated into the cells

  4. Area Cameras
    Finally - if there are any cells remaining, they will be filled with any remaining cameras for that area (based on the order the cameras we're originally added).

Remember - You can manually change any cell in the Media Matrix by using the Side Bar or interacting with the Map.


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