Mobile Event Sharing

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Mobile Event Sharing

Mobile event sharing allows desktop operators to share an event with multiple mobile users and assets, essentially "dispatching" providing a mobile user with contextual information on the event and the facility to directly communicate with desktop operators, navigate and manage their own event share queue.

The mobile event-sharing feature involves two primary actions. First, desktop users control, dispatch, and communicate with multiple users and assets during live events. Second, mobile users interact and update the event while communicating with assigned users and desktop users.


Shared Events on the Mobile 

The mobile interfaces for event sharing is accessed via the right sidebar. When enabled, a user will get notifications following event shares, will be able to self-manage their list of pending event shares, chat with desktop operators, view live feeds of the event records attached to active event shares, and navigate to alarm locations.
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Event Shares

The event share access by the right sidebar is split into two sections

  • Active Event Share - when a user is actively attached to an event they will be able to see a live feed of the event records, the card will turn white to better identify the active event, and they will have additional controls available to navigate to alarm, open the chat, and leave the event (note: when a user leaves an event they can not be returned without a desktop user re-inviting them)

  • Pending Event Shares - Display a list in descending order of the events shared to the field operative, from here They can see the distance from the alarm, focus the map on the alarm, and can either accept or reject the event share.



When a user is attached to an active event the chat will popup will have an additional tab for "Event". This chat is specific to the event and allows the operative to chat directly to the desktop operator. This correspondence is added to the audit trail of the active event. 
Mobile Event Share - Messaging.gif


When an event share has a set location the mobile user is given the option to get directions to the location of the event. Simply click the "Navigate to" button and the direction to the location will be provided on the main map. The mobile user can configure the navigation mode via the left sidebar, this can be toggled between On-foot, Driving, Cycling, or just disabled.

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