Location Tracking

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Location Tracking

One of the key functions of the SureView Mobile App is to track the location of the user so that other team members know their precise location. 



By default when a Mobile User logs into the app, their real-time location will be updated. Mobile user can stay logged into the app but stop real-time location reporting by switching themselves to offline. 

  1. Select the left had menu - tap the person icon in the bottom left hand corner
  2. By default you will be set to "Online". If you see the map from the home screen you are online
  3. Tap the switch to toggle to "Offline. If you return to the main page the map is replaced with a notification the "You are currently Offline" 
  4. Turning yourself back to "Online" will begin reporting your real-time location to the rest of the team.

User is online and reporting real-time location

mobile-app-online2.PNG mobile-app-online.PNG

User is offline and their real-time location is not being reported

mobile-app-offline2.PNG mobile-app-offline.PNG

Phone setting


For precise location tracking please ensure that you have the following settings

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select the SureView App (quickly find it using the search bar)
  3. Select Location
  4. Make sure to Select 
    1. "While using the App"
    2. Precise Location is turned
ios-seetings1.PNG ios-settings2.PNG


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