Insights: Overview

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Insights: Overview

Insights is the built-in reporting software included with SureView Operations. 

Insights can be used to access general event statistics such as outcome frequencies, as well as more specific applications, such as identifying individual alarm points that consistently throw nuisance alarms.

Short demo video of Insights

Insights Reports

The menu of the Insights interface is broken up into 3 main categories

To access a report simply select the report they are looking from this menu.

Report Interaction

Once you have selected a report, you can click on data elements within the graph, i.e. an individual bar within a bar chart. This will drill further into that specific data element to provide greater insight into the data.

When you drill into a data element this will enable the "lock" item (establishing this filter). To go back and clear this filter simply unclick the lock icon.


After selecting a report you will able to apply filters - these are used to help return specific data sets.

There are 3 categories of filters in the menu

  • Advanced Filters 

insights-filters1 copy.jpg

    • Options for filters vary depending on the report type, options include:

      • Areas
      • Reference ID
      • Operator
      • Outcome Category
      • Alarm point
      • Event type
      • Number of results
      • Exclude auto handled
      • Start time
      • End time


  • Quick select time range
    • 4 hours
    • 8 hours
    • 12 hours
    • 24 hours
    • 7 days (Default)
    • 14 days
    • 30 days
    • 60 days
    • 90 days
    • 180 days
    • 360 days


  • Report type
    • Line Chart
    • Bar
    • Data Table
    • Pie
    • Tile




There are options to download the raw data from your reports and share these with others.

  • Selecting the download icon will download the raw data from the current report as a .csv file
    • Open this data in an Excel or other reporting program for further analysis
  • Selecting the share icon will create a unique web address for the current report.
    • This is helpful when you want to share a specific insight with other users in your team.



Note: The list of available reports may differ depending on your individual account preferences. If you do not have a report in this list but need it (or have a request for a specific report that isn't included) please raise a support ticket and a member of our team will be happy to help.



The User Group that the user has been assigned must have Permissions to see each report. The screenshot below shows the Permissions available from within the User Group Setup interface. 


If you attempt to access a report you do not have permission for, an error message will be displayed. Please contact your system administrator if you believe this to be a mistake.


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