On-Premise Device Server

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On-Premise Device Server


To use on-premise integrations you must be at an appropriate pricing tier and provide an on-premise Device Server to run the integrations on.

The purpose of the Device Server is to facilitate running on-premise integrations, passing video and alarms up to the SaaS for operators to interact with.

SureView staff will assist with installing SureView components and integrations onto your Device Server.

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Minimum Requirements

The customer supplied Device Server must meet or exceed the following requirements:

  • Type: Virtual or Physical (Virtual recommended to allow simple resource increases)
  • OS: Windows Server 2016 Essentials edition or higher *1
  • CPU: 20GHz total *2
  • RAM: 16GB total *2
  • HDD: 100GB
  • Redundant Hardware: all hardware of the physical server (whether the type is Virtual or Physical) must be redundant to ensure fault tolerance, including PSUs, NICs, and HDDs
  • Network Access: the following permanent network access is required from the server...
    1. To SureView Ops to "wss://cloudlink.sureviewops.com" (HTTPS WebSocket to port 443)
    2. To SureView Downloads at "https://download.sureviewsystems.com" (HTTPS to port 443)
    3. To the On-Premise Systems being integrated with on the local network via the ports used by the particular integration from its support page
  • Prerequisite Software: the following third-party prerequisites will automatically be downloaded and installed at install time to ensure the server has everything needed to function properly *3
  • Server access: it must be possible to provide access (via screen share etc) to the server for SureView staff to install and maintain integrations on

*1 Linux cannot be used as most manufacturer integration SDKs are Windows-based

*2 these are baseline values to give an idea of what might be required - please contact your account manager to discuss your specific requirements

*3 In advanced situations where the prerequisites cannot be downloaded then an offline or pre-install can be performed


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