Contacts: Bulk Upload

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Contacts: Bulk Upload

The Bulk upload feature allows users to upload from a spreadsheet a large group of contacts. This can save a lot of time and is helpful when you already have an address box and adding these to a spreadsheet is a simple task.


Steps to bulk upload. 

  1. Select the "BULK ADD" button

  2.  Select "Download Template CSV" - this will download a file called "ContactTemplate.csv"

  3. Open the CSV in Excel (or a compatible spreadsheet program). You will need to add your Conatct details to the applicable columns - see the table below.

    Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 3.21.30 PM.jpg

  4. Once you have updated your .csv file - save it and then select "Upload completed CSV file". This will automatically add Contacts for every row that you have added to the spreadsheet.

Field Description
Full Name (Required) The name of the contact / person
Primary Location (Required) The Primary Area for the Contact (where the contact is based) - If a contact is used across many area's then it's is common practice to set this to the top (Account) level
Email (optional) The contact's email address
Phone (Optional) The preferred phone number for the contact - This number will be shown to operators
Roles (Required)

The Job Title/Role for the contact, for example "Operations Manager" or "Fire Marshal". Contacts can have multiple roles. Alternatively, Roles could be used for labelling contacts i.e. "Primary Contact" "Secondary Contact" etc

Contact For (Required)

Which Areas should this contact be associated with? Multiple Areas can be selected.

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