Contacts Setup

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Contacts Setup

Contacts are an easy way find a list of important people by Area - think of it as your central address box. 



  • To view Contacts, click on the menuMenu_Button.png and choose Contacts in the Set Up section.
  • To edit a Contact, click the pencil Edit_Icon.png to the right of each Contact.
  • To delete a Contact, click the Delete.png button in the bottom left corner.
  • To add a Contact, click the Add_Contact.png button in the top right corner of the page and enter the information.

When "Inherited" is ticked then the contact will be assigned to the selected Area as well as all other areas underneath the selected Area.

If Inherited is unticked then the contact will only be set only for that individually chosen Area

An Area's contact will be shown in the "Area Details" view and when configured with the "Call Contact" action step.


Adding a new contact

Contacts -add for.jpg

Adding Contact for


Below is a list of the available fields that can be entered when adding or editing a Contact

Field Description
Full Name
The name of the contact / person
Primary Location
The Primary Area for the Contact (where the contact is based) - If a contact is used across many area's then it's is common practice to set this to the top (Account) level
The contact's email address
The preferred phone number for the contact - This number will be shown to operators

The Job Title/Role for the contact, for example "Operations Manager" or "Fire Marshal". Contacts can have multiple roles. Alternatively Roles could be used for labelling contacts i.e. "Primary Contact" "Secondary Contact" etc

Role configuration is explained further down this page.
Contact For

Which Areas (Sites/Locations) should this contact be associated with? Multiple Areas can be selected.


Operator View

Operators can see the Contacts for an Area when they are handling an alarm or performing a Manual Tour. To view the Area's contacts the Operator needs to click on the Area Name (top left corner of Site Monitor). When clicked the Area details window, which includes all the Contact information, is displayed.



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