Color Coded Alarms

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Administrators have the ability to personalize the color-coding for alarm priorities in the event queue by configuring priority colors within the Organization Settings page.

This functionality is designed to visually distinguish between events of different priorities in the event queue, enhancing the visibility of high-priority events for operators.

Operators will benefit from the immediate visual cues provided by the background and foreground color combinations, which are set based on the defined priority range.

Important: The color styling will automatically apply to all events in the event queue that fall within the set priority range.

Permissions: Only users with administrative privileges can modify the priority color settings. Regardless of permission level, all users will see the color stylings applied to priorities in the event queue.

Add a new Event Queue Priority Color

  1. Click the Main Menu and select "Organizational Setting"
  2. Scroll to the section titled "Alarm Queue Priority Colors"
  3. Click the button to "Add Event Queue Priority Color"
  4. Select a minimum value for the priority color i.e. 500
  5. Select a maximum value for the priority color i.e. 1000 (if you want any alarm between 500 and 1000 priority to have this color)
  6. Select The background color of the priority number
  7. Select a contrasting color for the foreground or font color
  8. Select "Add"



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