Quick End Settings

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Quick End Settings

Administrators can configure the Quick End Settings in the Organization Settings page.

This feature can be used by operators to skip the category selection box and quickly end or close an active alarm event just by clicking the "quick end" button when processing alarms.

This can help speed up operator processing times by removing the need for them to manually select an outcome category for your most common category. (see the Alarm Processing Quick End support page)


Note: Quick end does not allow operators to skip "required" (red) action plan steps.


Allow users to quickly end events

Admins can turn the feature on or off with this check box.

Important: If enabled: any operator will be able to use the quick end button to close alarm events


Event Outcome Category (required)

The outcome category that will automatically be set if an operator clicks the "Quick End" button


Note Text (optional)

Any additional Note Text that should be included when the event is closed via the Quick End button


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