1 - Create Your First Area

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1 - Create Your First Area

Congratulations on your SureViewOPS account—you’re on your way to simplifying operations in your command centers.

We have pre-populated your OPS account with some of the most common types of information to help improve your security response; things such as common event types, action plans, and event categories. Of course, we don’t know where your locations are so your first task is to populate your account with your own ‘Areas’. 

An Area can be a building, a facility, a floor, or space in a large building, it can be... anything.  It’s unique to each organization so be as specific as you like. To begin, select ‘Area’ from the menu then, click to add an Area. Give your Area a name, input the address (this address will be used later to help operators have situational awareness when they respond so, put it into their language, ie: if the food hall is commonly called the cafeteria then call it that, if it needs a specific address such as 423 West Street, give it that address, and so on). Add key phone numbers and other notes about the location.

By completing this first step your operators will already be able to start using the system to raise and respond to alarms for your operation.

For more detailed information please see our Area Setup Help page.


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