6 - Simplifying Response with Action Plans

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6 - Simplifying Response with Action Plans

We designed a new approach to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that we call Action Plans. These are simple lists of Actions that an operator follows when responding to a specific event.

These lists of Actions are non-linear and provide both a clear guide and also offer flexibility so that operators can still respond in a way that is most relevant to the specific event. Actions can be shared with other operators to assist in the response.


To help you get started we have populated your account with a series of common Action Plans for events that a majority of customers use (i.e. suspicious person, medical event, entrapments, etc.). You can edit these action plans or create your own.

They’re simple to create: select the Menu button and choose Action Setup to edit existing action plans or create new Actions to your library. Once you’ve added or edited the Actions in the library you can then drop Actions into a Plan and associate that plan to an event or events.

For more information about using Action Plans as an operator please see the Alarm Handling Help Page

For more information about configuring Action Plans please see our Action Setup Help Page.

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