5 - Raise an Alarm

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5 - Raise an Alarm

SureView Ops is designed to provide a simple-to-use interface for coordinating the response to security events. 

We have pre-populated your system with some of the most common types of alarms our customers routinely use.  

Active Shooter
Bomb Threat
Building Disturbance/Violations
Criminal Activity
Elevator/Escalator Maintenance
Entrapment - Elevator
Entrapment - Fire Stairwell
Hazardous Condition
Malfunction - Elevator
Malfunction - Escalator
Missing Person
Power Outage
Property Damage
Security Assist
Suspicious Activity
Suspicious Item
Suspicious Person
System Test
Trespassing / BOLO
Unauthorized Access
Weather Conditions
Workplace Violence


To trigger an event,  operators simply click on the Manual Raise button, select the location that’s impacted, select the type of event from the list, add a note for more context and, optionally, add who called or raised the event. The operator can then choose to process this event straight away or add it to the queue for another operator to pick up. 

For more information about using alarms please see our Alarm Processing Queue Help Page

For information about customizing the Alarm Types please see the Event Configuration Setup Help Page.


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