Area Details

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Area Details

Clicking the Area name in the top left corner of the screen opens the Area Details window




The Area Details are configured by your administrator when setting up an area in the Area Setup screen  and your Area Contacts (also in included in this window) are configured in your Contact Setup screen


The Area details window can include the following information:

  • Address
  • Primary Phone Numbers
    • Main Phone
    • Alterative Phone
    • Local Police
    • Local Fire
  • Reference ID
    Note: The reference ID is a free text box so your own identifiers can be used
  • Summary Notes
    General information about the Area.

You can use the Area Details tabs to switch between "Contacts" and "Notes"


Contacts list any relevant people assoicated with the Area that may need to be contacted. It includes the following infromation

  • Role
    Note: Contacts can be filtered by "role" bu clicking the role drop down box.
  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email

Screenshot 2023-11-24 113127.png


Area Notes are general notes about this area/site/location that may be helpful for users to know. Area Notes are not tied to individual alarms or events

Example: "Construction work happening on Ground Floor"

Area notes allow users to view and add text notes to Areas providing more information to operators when processing alarms or for quick reference.

Notes can contain any text that may be useful for operators to be able to quickly access.

While in an event, the Notes Icon shows how many notes have been added to this Area. Clicking the Notes button will bring up the Notes window where users can view or edit existing notes, or add new area notes.

Or you can click on the Notes tab while in the Area Details

2023-08-21 10_42_28-SureView Operations — Mozilla Firefox.png



2023-11-24 11_36_15-SureView Operations — Mozilla Firefox.png

Note: The Start and End DateTime are optional and are for reference only, the "End" date time does not automatically delete or remove the note.

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