Keyboard Shortcuts

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Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcut What it does
F1 Opens the keyboard shortcut help window
Shift + Enter Clicks the Confirm / OK / Save button on any pop-up dialogue
Escape Closes the current dialogue window
Enter Clicks the button that's in focus
Tab Moves to the next element on the page
Shift + Tab Moves to the previous element on the page
Space Ticks or Unchecks any selected checkbox

Alarm Handling Screen

Shortcut What it does
Shift + M Opens the Media Matrix
Shift + E Ends the Event (if all alarms and actions have been completed)
Shift + L Leaves or Parks the Event
Shift + N

Generates the Situation Report (SitRep)

Shift + S

Opens the Share Event window. Allowing you to invite other users to the event

Shift + I

Opens the Area Information window (Shows the area dress and contact details)

Shift + G

Flag's the event for future review

Shift + C

Acknowledges all alarms in the event

Shift + A

Focuses on the next uncomplicated Action Task

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