Event Sharing

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Event Sharing

When handling an alarm, you may want to invite additional people to assist or take over.  

On the top bar of the response screen, you will see circles with each person currently added to this event

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The circle shows that person's identifying colour and initials (this same circle is shown on the Audit and Actions for that person). The white highlight shows who has control of the event. This individual can add additional people to the event and end the event. 

If the circle displayed appears faded, it means that person doesn't currently have the event open.

Click the AddAction__1_.png to manage event sharing. 

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On the right, you can see the list of who is currently added to the event. The person who has control of the event has a blue star icon. If that is you, you can pass control to someone else by clicking the grey star by their name. You can also remove people by clicking the X; this will remove them from the event, and if they have it open, they will be notified and sent back to the alarm queue. When you do this, they remain in this list as "Removed", so you can still see how they participated in the event. 

On the left, you can add new people into the event. You can use the search bar to find someone by name, and you can add more than one person at once. As well as individuals, you can also add entire routing groups—this will allow someone who's part of that group to join the event without you needing to know exactly who you're inviting. As you add people on the left, they will show in the search section. Click the AddAction__1_.png when you're ready to add them to the event.

If you have been invited to an event you will get a pop-up, once you have clicked "Join" you will be moved into the event screen.


When leaving the primary operator leaves an alarm event that has is shared with least two other operators then the primary operator will be asked who they should pass control on to


If there is only one other operator in the event, then control will be automatically passed on to that operator without an additional prompt or confirmation.

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