Shotspotter (SoundThinking)

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Shotspotter (SoundThinking)


Native Integration Available

This integration requires a Class 1 License and is a "cloud to cloud" integration with no extra hardware requirements. Please contact your account manager for more details.


Native Integrations Supported Features

  • Alarms (including location data)

Manufacturer License Requirements

  • TBD

Network Requirements

  • None - Cloud-to-Cloud integration

Configuring Your Device

Native Integration - Device Setup

In SureView

Using the SureView Advanced Device Setup add "Shotspotter" to your Top level / Tenant area.

Important: You must add the Shotspotter to your Top Level Area (Your Tenant). You only need one shot spotter device added for your entire account.

You do not need to include any connection details.

Host leave blank
Port leave blank
Username leave blank
Password leave blank
ExtraValue leave blank


Go to the Alarms Tab in your Device Setup screen and add your alarm points. One Alarm Point for each shot Spotter "Coverage Zone" or Area.

When adding the Alarm use the following alarm properties

Input1 The Shotspotter Zone ID that this alarm point should match with.
To find the Zone ID you need to ask your Shotspotter Manufacturer Support Representative or account manager.
Input2 -1
Extra value
leave blank


Before setting your Shotspotter system to alarm into SureView you need to make a note of your Tenant ID.  to find this in SureView:

  1. Go To Area Setup
  2. Click the filter button (top right corner of the table)
  3. Enable "Show GroupId" and press Done
  4. Note down the "GroupId" of your top level area / tenant
  5. Send a request to your Shotspotter Account Manager / Support agent to start sending the ShotSpotter alarms into SureView. Make sure to include your tenant "GroupID" and your SureView address e.g. or

    2023-11-06 11_03_47-Exports.png

Supported Alarm Types

  • Unclassified (Unreviewed)
  • Unclassified (Reviewed)
  • System Test (Unreviewed)
  • System Test (Reviewed)
  • Possible Gunshot (Unreviewed)
  • Possible Gunshot (Reviewed)
  • Single Gunshot (Unreviewed)
  • Single Gunshot (Reviewed)
  • Multiple Gunshots (Unreviewed)
  • Multiple Gunshots (Reviewed)

Shotspotter alarms received in SureView will include the shotspotter Id, description, location address and number if rounds detected

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