March Command

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Native Integration Available

This VMS integration requires a Class 2 License and a Device Server. Please contact your account manager for more details.


Native Integration: Supported Features

  • Video
    • Live
    • Recorded
  • Get Config
  • Sync

Native Integration: Requirements


License Requirements

March: SureView Plugin license applied to all March Command recording servers - Please speak to your March Representatives to acquire the license.

Network Requirements

SureView Device Server March Command Recording Server 80 / 443 TCP

Connecting to March Command for Device configuration, live and recorded video.

SureView Device Server March Recorders / NVRs 80 / 8080 / 443 TCP

Connecting directly to March Recorders*


*Depending on the network setup the March system will attempt to connect directly to the individual March Recorders or instead go via the March Command Command Recording Server. Normally March will try to connect direct for internal connections but try to use NAT Traversal (via the Recording Server) for External connections.

Network Connectivity Check: March Client

SureView recommends that the March Client is installed on the SureView Device/OpsLink+ server so that that the connection to the March Command Recording Server and Live Cameras can be first verified within March before connecting into SureView Response.

The March Client can be installed by opening a web browser and navigating to the address of your March Command Recording Server. From there there will be a March Client Download Link.

If you are unable to connect to the March Command Server and/or individual March Cameras for streaming using the March Client then please double check the ports listed and contact March Support or your dedicated March Representative for further assistance:


Permission Requirements

March Command User Profile with permission to access LIve Video and Archive video along with VIew permissions to the System Tree and Logical Tree.


When creating the user you will need to link the available resources for the user along with assigning to to a user group.

You can assign the avalable resrources by dragging and dropping the System and Logical folders from the left pane to the relevent boxes in user setup. 

Native Integration: Sync Configuration

Using the SureView Advanced Device Setup go to the Sync Tab and add "March Command" as a new Sync System including the following fields

Host Host used to connect to March Command web API.
Port Port used to connect to March Command web API. Default: 443
Username Username of the March Command user account. This is typically the users email address.
Password Password of the March Command user account.
Extra value

If the SDK connection should use https or https. Default: Https



Native Integration: Area Sync

Once you have saved your Sync Configuration (described above) you can then add the individual Area Syncs to synchronise March Cameras against individual Areas in Sure View.

  1. Go to the  Sureview "Syncs" tab (when adding or editing your Sync System)
  2. Click Add Area Sync
  3. Complete the Area Sync Fields
Field Value
Title The friendly name for the Area Sync
Area Which SureView Area should the sync use when adding doors/alarms etc

Enter the Camera Filters that you want to match March cameras to your SureView Areas


cameraFilter=Cam*; // wild card on end
cameraFilter=*Cam*; // wild card any where
cameraFilter=*Cam; // wild card at start
cameraFilter=Camera 1234; // exact match


Regex Pattern:

For more advanced filters a Regular Expression can be used.
This allows complete flexibility on filtering.

When using a Regex Filter the pattern MUST start with ^ or it will fall back to the wildcard method.

Interval How often should the system sync into SureView?
default: 24 hours

Enable or Disable the automatic Sync

default on

Allow Update Area Allows the sync to automatically move synced doors/alarms to a different area

Default off

recommended to keep off
Allow update Device Settings

Allows the sync to automatically update the door/alarm settings

Default off


recommended to keep off


SureView Device Server

Config File Keys

The following keys need to be added to the <appSettings> section of the DeviceWorker.exe.config file on your SureView Device Server(s) / OpsLink+.

Your APPID and March Command Signature can be found in the SureView Linking licence provided by March. 

Your SureView Engineer will be able to configure this as part of the initial installation process.


 <!-- MARCH APP ID for Server -->
<add key="MarchCommand_AppId" value="<APPID FROM LICENCE>" />
<!-- Signature For Server-->
<add key="MarchCommand_Signature" value="<APP SIGNATURE FROM LICENCE>" />
<!-- SiteMode for the version we are connecting to Server = Enterprise, Recorder = Professional-->
<add key="MarchCommand_SiteMode" value="Server" />


Worker Fails to Start - "Failed to read from an IPC Port"

Error communicating with worker, likely the worker has unexpectedly closed: Failed to read from an IPC Port: The pipe has been ended

If the SureView Device worker fails to start with the error above, then ensure that the Device Service (on your SureView Device Server/OpsLink+) is running as a real user account. Running as local system is not supported for March Command. 


Can't Connect / Sync / Get Config  - Remote server returned an error (403) forbidden

This means that SureView has successfully connected to March but there is a problem with the API License Settings.

Please confirm that the correct license has been applied to the March Recording Server and both the MarchCommand_AppID and MarchCommand_Signature is correct in the DeviceWorker.exe.config file on your SureView Device Server(s) / OpsLink+.


Can't Connect / Sync / Get Config  - Remote server returned an error (401) unauthorised

This means that SureView has successfully connected to March but there there is a problem with the user details. Either the login is incorrect entirely or the user does not have the appropriate permissions.

Please check your user details and re-enter your username and password. Verify that the details you are using can connect using the March Client software and load the device / camera tree and start live cameras.

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