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Supports Standards

This manufacturer's devices support standards for streaming video and receiving alarms


Standards Based - Features

  • Attached Alarm Video
  • Live Video

Manufacturer Prerequisites

  • Make sure that you have installed Surveillance Station 9.1.4 or above.
  • Make sure that you have requested access to Surveillance Station WebAPI Document to view the details of the APIs used in this article.
  • Make sure that external access for the NAS is enabled and port forwarding is configured for port 554, which Surveillance Station uses. (External port 554 is forwarded to port 554 of the NAS in the example below.) For more information, refer to this article.

Set up your cameras in SureView

  1. Log in to the SureView web interface and click the menu icon > DEVICES > ADD DEVICE.
  2. Modify the following options:
    1. Device Type: Select RTSP.
    2. IP / Hostname: Enter the NAS address (accessible externally).
    3. Port: Enter the 554 (it depends on the external port you configured to forward to port 554 of your NAS).
    4. Extra Value: Enter /camId={#}&_sid={sid}.
      Note that you can get the {sid} using the Sign in API of Surveillance Station WebAPI Document.
  3. Click Add to save this device.
  4. Click the edit button to reopen the device you just added.
  5. Scroll down to the Cameras section, and click ADD CAMERA to add the stream.
  6. The Input field requires the ID of a camera. Retrieve your cameras' IDs using the List Camera API of Surveillance Station WebAPI Document.
  7. Click SAVE and click the 5.png preview camera icon. If the configuration is correct, you will see the camera stream. If you cannot see the stream, review the steps above to ensure you entered the correct information.

Get the result from SureView to Surveillance Station

In SureView

  1. Log in to the SureView web interface and click the menu icon > Alarms > ADD ALARM.
  2. Modify the options as needed, and click ADD
  3. The alarm you just added will display its email address (each device has its own unique email address). Copy this email address

In Surveillance Station

  1. Go to Notification > Email, and select Enable email notifications.
  2. Paste the email address you just copied to Recipients field, and set up the service provider. For more information, refer to the email help
  3. Go to Notification > Rules and enable the events you want to be notified about. You will only receive notifications after doing this step.

Done. You have now configured Synology to send alarms into SureView.

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