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Native Integration Available

This integration requires a Class 2 License and a Device Server. Please contact your account manager for more details. Steps to configure your device can be found here.

The configuration of the integration in SureView is simple and follows a standard set of functionality that is exposed by the SureView API and in this document. However, these advanced systems have a wide variety of custom settings that can affect the performance of this integration. As such it’s important to budget for professional services from the SureView support team to assist in configuring your system to work with SureView and also to tailor the integration if needed to your unique custom setup. Please contact your sales representative for details about our professional services. 

What is Milestone? It is a Video Management Software (VMS) system. 

Integration Description: The Integration is an advanced system-to-system integration and is a VMS platform that allows a user to view live camera along with recorded camera footage, perform remote tasks such as relay activation/deactivation, perform audio communication and supports multiple alarm types. A variety of this functionality can be used via the SureView platform, Please see the features list for a full breakdown of this. 

Native Integration: Supported Features

  • Live Video
  • PTZ
  • Audio Transmit
  • Relays/Output
  • Get Config

Supported Milestone Versions

SureView has been certified by the Milestone Verification Team against Milestone Corporate 2022 R2


Native Integration: Requirements 





Device Server

Milestone Server(s)

80/443 TCP

Commands and authentication

Device Server

Milestone Server(s)

7563 TCP


Native Integration: Device Setup

SureView Device 'CloudLink' Server Setup

Your Ops device server will be configured by your SureView representative in a remote or guided session. Speak with them to arrange a time where this connection can be established. 





The following are the steps required to configured Milestone  to work with the Sureview.

Before you begin

Before you configure your Milestone system to work with Sureview make sure you have the following:

  • A fully licensed Milestone server (see Supported Milestone Versions)
  • A configured SureView Device 'CloudLink' Server with the "Milestone Native" integration installed
  • You must be able to load the Milestone XML page from the SureView Device Server
    (it must contain data & not be blank)
  • All required ports configured (see Components and Communication)
  • Username and password of your Milestone account
  • If using Basic Authentication you must enter authmode=basic; into the Authentication and Cameras field prior to Get Config (see Device Setup)
  • Camera Streams set to H.264 -  SureView Ops Ops only permits video encoded as H.264 to be streamed from cameras and video systems.


Device Setup

Note: Milestone is an advanced integration and must be configured using the using advanced "Device Setup" page and the "Device Configuration" feature

Field Value
Title The friendly name of the Milestone Server you are connecting to
Area The Area/site that the Milestone devices/cameras will be added to
Type Select "Milestone Native"
Ops Link The name of your connected SureView Device "Cloud Link" server
Host The local IP address of the Milestone Server (from the perspective of the SureView Device 'CloudLink' server
Port The web port for the Milestone software. (Default 80)
Username Your Milestone username (See image below)
Password Your Milestone password (See image below)
Authentication and Cameras Any configuration parameters you wish to include. (See parameters section for more detail)





The image above shows the login page for the Milestone management client, you must use the same credentials in Sureview as you would use here.


Device Parameters

The device parameters allow you to set specific groupings of cameras to capture as well as adjust connection preferences. Multiple parameters can be used together using a semicolon ; as a separator.

The list of available parameters are listed in the table below

Parameter Name

"Authentication and Cameras"



Engine Name

Engine=(Engine Name);

Engine=North Building;

Used with the "Get Config" feature to automatically configure the devices filtered by the "Engine Name" parameter

Device Prefix

Prefix=(Device Name Prefix);

Prefix=North; Used with the "Get Config" feature to automatically configure the devices filtered by the "Device Prefix" parameter
Device Group DeviceGroup=(Device Group Name);



Used with the "Get Config" feature to automatically configure the devices filtered by the "DeviceGroup" parameter

Use Camera Host



Used for the device connections: When set to false SureView will connect using the Milestone Server's IP address rather than the Camera's Hostname (DNS)

Authentication Mode

AuthMode=(Authentication Mode)



Specifies the authentication mode that should be used when connecting to Milestone. Defaults to "Windows" so if you are using Basic Authentication you must enter the paramater authmode=basic before running Get Config. (Note: Basic Aiuthentication requires a HTTPs connection on port 443 by default)




Engine Name ("Recording Servers")

Milestone engines can be used when setting up cameras with "Get Config".
For example: using the parameter "Engine=North Building;" during the Get Config process will automatically download all of the camera details for the North Building.

Engines can be found in Milestone as “Recording Servers”.
Note: Multiple engines are NOT currently supported.



Device Prefix

A Device Prefix can be used when setting up cameras with "Get Config" to automatically download the details for any devices/cameras with a matching name

For example: using the parameter "Prefix=North ;" during the Get Config process will automatically download all of the devices with a name that starts with "North" across all milestone Engines/Recording Servers.


Device Group

One or more Device Groups can be used when setting up cameras with "Get Config" to automatically download the details for any devices within the listed Device Groups Device groups can be found in Milestone under “Devices”. The image below shows the camera device groups.

For example: using the parameter "DeviceGroup=Axis;" during the Get Config process will automatically download all of the devices within the Axis group. Or if you use the parameter "DeviceGroups=Chickens,Axis,Foxes;" you will be able to get the details of all devices in the Chickens, Axis and Foxes groups



Native Integration: Troubleshooting

Camera Stream Issues

SureView Ops Ops only permits video encoded as H.264 to be streamed from cameras and video systems.  Please ensure that the Milestone Camera Streams are set to H.264 within the Milestone Software.

If a different stream type has been selected it can cause unexpected issues within the SureView Camera stream such as a camera failing to stream any video or the camera stream staring but cutting out after a short time.

Milestone can GetConfig but not connect to live

It is possible to setup cameras in the Milestone software without a associated NAT address, because of this the situation can occur where the cameras hostname is local and therefore inaccessible from an external/different server. To resolve the you can set Sureview to connect to the cameras based on the servers ip address rather than the cameras hostname.

To invoke this setting simply add the following to the Authentication and Cameras field of the device:


If you are running multiple Milestone servers you may need to open the web port (443 for HTTPs or 80 for HTTP) between these servers.

Livec Stream

Live Cameras Not Working

Action 'DeviceConnect()' took too long

Check the systeminfo.xml file from the SureView Device 'CloudLink' Server(s)
host = IP/DNS address of the milestone server
port = Port number used by milestone (443 for HTTPS, 80 for HTTP)

If the xml is taking longer to load than the device timeout it can cause a timeout error and the camera's won't load.   Download the file manually and add it to the Milestone Device folder on the SureView Device 'CloudLink' Server(s)

If the xml file doesn't load at all Sureview won't be able to connect to the cameras (see the "Before you begin" section) - This is a key pre-requisite. 

Using a VPN?

Attempt to view a camera by inputing the connection details and extraValue into the devices/client page. Observe the hostname in the connection stream to ensure it matches the expected value. Using a VPN can cause the machine name to be used, rather than the IP of the NVR. This can be fixed by adding the IP and machine name of the NVR to the host file of the Cloudlink server. 

Milestone Enterprise and Professional Relays are not working correctly

Outputs (relays) in the milestone software have to be referenced to the hardware device/camera they belong to. Ensuring the output refers to the correct camera can be done as follows:

With a hardware device added.

Right click hardware output (in events and output) and select add new output:


If your desired output is already in the list, ensure that it is under the correct device (highlighted in blue - This shows output 1 belongs to hardware device 1). If you require a new output, select the device you wish to use a output on and select Add (highlighted in red):


 Right-click the camera of the hardware device (in this example, hardware device 1) and select properties:


 From the properties menu select Output. Ensure that the output is associated with the camera (Highlighted in blue). Ensure that the output device is also contained in the manual activation section (highlighted in red).



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