How do I add a RTSP Camera?

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How do I add a RTSP Camera?

First, make sure you have your RTSP Details ready.

  • Device Name
    What are you calling this device? E.g. Demo Device

  • Area
    What Area/Site is the Device being added to? (e.g. SureView UK Office)

  • OpsLink
    What OpsLink you are using with this device (if any). - See Ops Link support page for more details

  • IP / Hostname
    What’s the IP address or DNS address for the device?
    • If you are not using an OpsLink you will need the EXTERNAL address of the RTSP Device
    • If you are using an OpsLink you will need the INTERNAL address of the RTSP Device (from the perspective of the OpsLink)

  • Port
    What’s the RTSP port for the device? E.g. 554

  • Username & Password
    What’s the credentials for this device

  • Extra Value
    This is where the “RTSP URL” goes. The exact url depends on the type of device.  HikVision and Dahua are shown below but if you need to add a different manufacturer the RTSP address can usually be found with the manufacturers documentation or online by searching “Manufacturer Name RTSP Address”

    For example Hikvision's RTSP Address is

    The {#}is a placeholder for the camera number
    The 03 indicates the Stream Subtype that SureView will use. The Device’s Substream MUST be set to H.264. You can use a different substream number as long as the corresponding stream is set to H.264 on the device.

  • Cameras
    How many cameras can this device have?

Adding a new RTSP Device

  1. Login to SureView (with an admin account)
  2. Click the Menu in the top right corner
  3. Click “Devices
    This shows you the list of video devices
  4. Click “Add Device
  5. Fill in the boxes according to the devices information
  6. Press ADD
  7. Search for the device you just created by typing the name into the  Search box
  8. Click the Edit button (on the right hand side of the row)
  9. Scroll down in the Device Details
  10. Press “Add Camera” - add as many cameras as the device supports
  11. Press Save
  12. Click on the camera preview button next to the Cameras you just saved in order to test that they work.
    Note: You have to save any changes before clicking on the preview button

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